How Do The Pads Work?

http://reusableincontinencepads.com.au/how-do-they-work/ shows how to assemble the pads.

Can We Use the Same Pads for Menstruation and Incontinence?

Our women's reusable cloth pads suit most women for menstrual use. They're also suitable for mild to moderate urinary incontinence and as pants liners for everyday use.

Are there Pads for Men?

Our ManPads are for mild to moderate urinary leakage. They contain a nylon taffeta shower-proof section as well as the cloth.

Are MyPads Hypoallergenic?

We don't use rubber or plastic base on our women’s products as these can cause irritation. You'll find our reusable cloth pads extremely comfortable and economical.

How Do I Choose the Size?

We recommend that you try a starter pack. This includes several pad sizes. Then you can reorder the sizes you use most.

How Long Do MyPads Last?

Our reusable menstrual and incontinence pads last for many years if cared for appropriately. We often hear from women who've had their pads for 5-10 years or more and are still using them. 

How Do I Wash My Pads?

For washing instructions see Caring For Your Menstrual and Incontinence Pads.

Where Are MyPads Made?

MyPads are hand-made on the NSW South Coast of Australia by Yumaro Industries. Yumaro Industries is a social enterprise that provides employment and support for people living with disability. When you purchase MyPads you also support Yumaro.

How Do I Contact You?

Please contact us directly with any questions or concerns about the use or care of our products.