How Do They Work?

Our RadPads and women's MyPads washable cloth pads consist of an outer case, including the wings, with studs that clip together under the gusset of your underpants. These reusable cloth pads come in cotton or hemp fleece fabrics.

Removable towel inserts (hemp fleece), folded and placed in the outer case, allow you to tailor the pad to suit the amount of flow you are managing at the time. As MyPads are made up of separate component pieces, they are easier to effectively wash and dry than all-in-one cloth pads.

View a demonstration of how to fold and assemble your Rad-Pads:

We recommend that customers wear high quality, firm-fitting underpants to hold their pads in place comfortably.

As with all menstrual and incontinence products, you'll need to match the pads to your flow and change them when needed. To prevent leakage, you'll need to check your pad regularly. This is your own responsibility.